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  • Corey Jones's Testimonial

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    My name is Corey Jones, and you performed a later jet procedure on my left shoulder May 23 of last year. I had one post-op follow up with you, and then it became difficult to schedule anything due to troublesome in communication between the office and the VA. I wanted to write you a letter, thanking you for doing the job you did on my shoulder. I did physical therapy on myself, with the assistance of some people in my personal network, and it went very well. So well, in fact that I was able to get back to competition and fight on February 8 of this year. The recovery was supposed to be about 9 months long, but I was able to recover and compete in a full contact Muay Thai fight 9 months alter pain free (well pain resulting from the injury/surgery that is. :).
    Just wanted to say thanks, since I never had the opportunity to really follow up with you after a few weeks post-op. I also wanted to provide the feedback, in case it helps with any statistics on procedure success or anything like that. My shoulder is more stable and functional than it has been since before my initial injury. I honestly believe it to be about 98% functional, and likely to be 100% after some continued months of strengthening, but my ROM and mobility are amazing. Thank you, and here is a photo of my transformation! Top photo May 23,2019 bottom photo February 8, 2020.

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